About Me

I’m a PhD in theoretical chemistry with an interest in all things tech. While working on my thesis I taught myself how to program in C++. Ever since, I knew that I wanted to pursue a career in technology and software engineering.

My favourite programming languages are Typescript and Rust and my favourite framework is Astro.

In my free time I like to code πŸ§‘πŸ»β€πŸ’», tinker with my NAS πŸ› οΈ, play my guitar 🎸 or go snowboarding πŸ‚.


Over the years I have gathered experience in a variety of technologies. My first exposure to programming was in high school, where we learned the basics of Delphi.

In university I wrote all of my reports and theses with LaTeX. This isn’t something people normally consider when they think of programming, however it is Turing complete. It started my passion for code organisation and maintainability, something I still value a lot today.

During my post-graduate degree in chemistry, I pivoted my focus towards the field of computational chemistry. I learned how to use bash and queueing systems like slurm to run large scale calculations on supercomputers. Later during my PhD, I wrote my first fully fledged program in C++ which made me realise I wanted to pursue a career in technology rather than science.

Nowadays, I mostly program in Typescript, but I have also worked with Python, C#, Rust and Go.

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I started using Github to track progress on my PhD thesis. I have since then used it to collaborate on various projects, both personal and professional.

I also try to contribute to open source projects when I can. Sometimes this is by raising issues, other times I have contributed small features such as adding a sitemap endpoint in LemmyNet/lemmy#3808.