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My Homepage

A website built with Astro and Svelte

Welcome to my personal homepage! In this article you can learn about how this website was built, and what drove my decision making.

Quick Facts

  • mostly statically built for easy caching and fast page load speeds
  • uses Astro’s content collections and MDX for content
  • takes advantage of ViewTransitions API for smoother page transitions
  • interactive and animated using Svelte transitions and CSS animations

Why Astro?

Astro is an opinionated open-source framework with the goal of building fast and cachable web pages. While it can be used to dynamically render content server-side or client-side, its default behaviour is to render static HTML pages. This simplifies prioritising loading speed and makes Astro one of the most capable and fastest static-site frameworks.

Lighthouse score
Lighthouse score for page load of my homepage on desktop.

One of the most powerful features of Astro is the ability to use components written for other front-end frameworks such as Svelte or Vue. This hands an unprecedented amount of flexibility to developers to mix and match framework components and choose whichever framework is suited best to solve a particular problem. For example, I chose Svelte because of its feature rich animation library, but was also able to add a single component built in React when I couldn’t find a suitable library for Astro or Svelte.

Why Svelte?

Svelte is one of my favourite front-end frameworks to work with. Besides the fact that it is blazingly fast, it also comes with some great utility functions for building smooth animations.

Animation on the landing page. Most animations are achieved with plain CSS transitions. The blur effect on the card content is created using Sveltes transition libraries. You can view this animation on the Hero page.

Svelte also features a powerful reactivity model that is very easy to use. While it would have been possible to build reactive components with plain Astro code, Svelte brings some additional quality of life improvements to the table such as stores and reactive statements.

To me Svelte and Astro are a perfect match, combining a powerful reactive framework with an easy-to-use and powerful static-site generator.

Feel free to explore!

Cover image by Vectonauta on Freepik